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A little bit of background

I discovered Social Media way back in 2006 when I was running a music venue. From 2004 to 2005, I was booking bands and artists to play, I would receive hundreds of demos (all of which I listened to) on CD and CASSETTE! Then along came MySpace (you can read more about my love for that particular platform here) and later (in 2007) Facebook. At that time we had an active message board on our website and I worked out that there was a direct correlation between online banter and filling up the bar, so I started using Facebook for business (before business pages were invented) and we were cleaning up! 

Fast forward three years to when I became a Superhero / Mum and I decided that I didn’t want to work for anyone else for a little while. So I researched, I trained, I learnt new skills and busted my butt to create my own maverick content marketing / social media business, that began as ‘Get your business talking’ and (a few years down the line) became collaborative effort and digital marketing agency Dot-Social.

Many more years down the line, plenty of lessons learnt and lots of successful campaigns later, I now take on clients who want to boost their social presence, get seen / heard by the right people or need help with their content marketing.

With 13 years experience in Digital Marketing, content creation, digital PR and published journalism.  Buzzing local networks and background of running a High Street  leisure business. I have the whole skill set and I can guide you through the the steps to get your voice heard, help you write awesome copy and make sure you’re on the right social channels. 

Wondering if I can do it? Check out my 21,000+ organic followers – as they say, the proof is in the pudding. 

Here are some of the services I offer: 

Online Marketing Audit 

I can review and suggest improvements to your profiles through to a full audit of your online marketing strategy. I can help you audit the strength of your online marketing by way of monitoring engagement and reach, your mix of content being shared with regards to your KPIs (key performance indicators) and online marketing goals.

Social media services

As a small business owner and someone that has run a successful High Steet businesses I know that social media is often the key to marketing success. Most of it is free to access and easy to use, once you know how, so if you are not using social media to market your business in 2017, you are seriously behind the times! Let me help you work on your social media presence; from complete management to training and helping you use the tools to manage it for yourself.

Complete social media strategy

I will guide you through setting up a social strategy for your business, helping you find out where you need to be, clarify your business objectives and align them with your marketing activities. This will create a comprehensive path to a successful online presence for you.

Social media set up

Social Media platform set up includes a choice of cross-platform tools to manage all your accounts easily and consistent branding throughout.

Managing your community

Your online community management and growth means creating interesting content and a compelling presence that makes your audience want to engage with you. This means daily posts and communications to your audiences across selected social media networks and escalating any important messages up to you.

Reputation management
Monitoring the platforms for mentions of your band, key people, or products and advising on the best action to counteract any potential risks to your reputation and maximising opportunities for promotion, growth and reach.

Social Media Kick Start

Including a complete set-up on your selected platforms, development of a long term social media strategy, an initial social media campaign aimed at gaining quality audience and training for you and your staff to take over after a period of time to carry on by yourself. Best of both worlds – taking advantage of our expertise and planning to seamlessly incorporating it into your in-house practice.

Bespoke or standard sessions, workshops, seminars and elearning options are available. Learn from my expertise how to connect with your online audience and create conversations. From where to use a link in a Tweet, to hashtags and the right style of language for each platform, I can show you how to tailor each message to your potential customers. Then, I can show you how to do it quicker and easier using multi-platform posting and scheduling of posts. I can also offer bespoke presentations for your business on how you can use the different platforms and integrate social marking into your business and marketing plans. 

Content creation and research

Social Media marketing communications rely on the information being presented in a form that combines lightness of touch, ‘sharability’ and engaging content. I can help craft your social media communications, support them visually and fine-tune for optimum effect. I will work with you to draw the kind of content that’s likely to interest your audience and deliver in the most social-media friendly format.


I can write engaging SEO optimising blogs on you behalf  or teach you the tricks of the trade.

If you think we’d be a good fit and you need help getting your message out there, or you need some guidence, drop me a line and tell me more about your business on


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