Why I run

Things have been difficult over the past couple of years

If you’ve been following my blogs and social media you will know that there have been lots and lots of positives but, with yin there is yang and to balance the good stuff we’ve experienced plenty of trauma and sadness on many levels (which are the bits I don’t talk about much).

I don’t know how you deal with things, but when I feel down, I eat lots of very bad food, I slow down, opt out, avoid people and I hide away. I find it hard to talk about things and I put on a shiny veneer.

But I’m not writing this to have a moan or for sympathy – for the most part I am a glass is half full kinda girl – I’m writing to share what I’ve learnt during this part of my journey, because maybe, just maybe, it will help someone else.

When I read Murakami’s book ‘what I talk about when I talk about running’, I didn’t get it – I didn’t understand the point of running (this is coming from a girl who would bunk off PE and had my Mum’s signature forgery down to a fine art – sorry mum).

But through the sadness I suffered in 2015/6 I learnt that exercise & sanity are happy bedfellows, that running is good, and that my body and (more importantly) mind feel a lot better when I exercise. So on the advice of some of my close friends I started running.

For me, it wasn’t the results that got me moving, it wasn’t the weight I lost or the achievement of running 5k in one go. For me running is about the journey, the message to myself that I can and I will. As well as the joy of being outside, in nature.

Combining running with yoga is the way I keep myself sane, balanced and happy. Yoga is a work out for body, mind and soul. I have met a lot of people who say that yoga has saved their lives and I can totally relate to that.

If you want to have a go at either, for running, I recommend finding a group to join either online or in person I joined ‘run mummy run’ on Facebook and found it fantastic, or link in with friends who run. On the whole, the running community are very supportive, I had lots of friends helping me on my running journey, Francis, Gary, Tara, Michelle & Roopi, amongst others gave me support on the way, I signed up to an app or two and had people there I could be accountable to.

When I was at my worst and I couldn’t leave the house I discovered ‘yoga with Adriene’ and I started with ’30 days of yoga’, through YWA and classes that I went to in person when I started feeling better, I linked into the yoga community who are also really supportive there I found lots of familiar stories.

Yoga and running may not be for you, you may find your happy elsewhere. With most sport activities there are groups of people you can join and befriend which will help you on your journey.

I don’t do regrets, but if I did mine would be that I didn’t take exercise seriously when I was younger or look after myself as well as a could have done.

Hindsight is 20/20 though isn’t it?

Today I beat the blues and I ran..



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